Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Is the first hour really free?
A : Yes! All new customers receive a free one hour consultation, during which a MOET tutor will discuss your needs and create an individualized academic study plan for you.

Q : Where does the private tutoring take place?
A : We will have the class online, through skype or google hangout (google screen sharing).

Q : And what about scheduling?
A : Our tutors are very flexible, and can meet most weekday evenings and anytime during weekends.

Q : My child’s school performance is fine, but he/she has bad studying habits. Can MOET help?
A : Yes! We can develop customized strategies to teach your child better time management and help channel your energy to its most productive use: hard work.

Q : How soon can I start?
A : You could send us an email and have a session scheduled for as early as tomorrow if you send us an email today.

Q: How much is the tutoring cost?
A:Our private tutoring is super affordable, we offer a sliding scale that gets cheaper the more you study! Our clients love the simplicity of our packages, and the fact that they don’t even have to do anything – you get automatic upgrades! Please see the “Pricing” Page.

Q : How can I get more information? Where are the details? How do I register?
A : Send us an email at the address below. Please include in your email the form below and fill it out , and we will be in
touch with you within the hour.

Send us email at

Client Information Form
First Name:
Last Name:
Skype name or Yahoo ID:

When is the best time for us to have Skype or yahoo messenger call?

Student Information Form



You can also reach us through filling out the form in the “Contact Us” page.


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